To our Meeting for Worship

        As to a home-coming, we gather in the Presence of the Living God, to listen in silence for that inwardly-speaking Voice.

       The meeting begins when the first person enters and each of us in turn settles into attentiveness.

       With open minds and hearts, we ask guidance in putting aside distracting thoughts and anxieties, offering, as our only (and daily) sacrament, our willingness to center ourselves wholly in the Eternal Spirit.

       We have no ritual except the Silence, and no leader except the Spirit. We are all, equally, learners, actively seeking to live up to each new challenge the Light of the Spriit opens to us, individually and collectively.

       Each person shares this process in mutual trust, and the depth of worship we reach is enriched as we recognize and respond (still silently) to that of God in each other and in every person, world-wide; it may also be diminished by any withholding of the trust.

       In this way, the meeting home, a living experience, passes, sometimes in unbroken silence. At other Times, speaking may arise out of the Silence, the speaker attentive to the inward Voice. Then we who listen no less attentively in our separate ways may find that the message translates into strength and refreshment for our journeyings onward in the spiritual quest. We are given manna when we are ready to receive it.

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

- Betty Gilson